NOIM Vision Statement

New Orleans International Muralists (NOIM), LLC will create murals that provide an artistic look into the past, present, or future within communities. These murals will be done indoors or outdoors, at private locations or businesses, painted on walls or on canvasses for mobility. These murals are educational tools for the community, as points of interest(s) for tourism, or simply for their aesthetic beauty. Our murals are being created to enable the community to gain a better understanding of why cultural preservation is important. The city of New Orleans has a rich culture, history, and traditions that we aspire to exemplify through our murals. NOIM, LLC strives to be THE resource for visual art installments. We hope to direct local and international artists to sanctioned locations and connections they could have in New Orleans for mural projects.

A brief introduction for Owner & Programs Director Daniel ‘DeeJay‘ Pate  –                  

Mr. Pate has been an educator for over 10 years. 7 of those years were in lower elementary school, and one year of middle school and one year of high school. Since he’s walked away from the classroom, he’s been employed by the University of New D. Pate HeadshotOrleans TRiO Upward Bound Project PASS Program as an Academic Advisor, Cameron College as an adult education instructor, and Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans as an enrichment teacher for English and basketball coach. DeeJay’s experiences with grant writing and fundraising have been a handful of very successful endeavors. From raising money for peaceful protest and politicians, to getting money from a worldwide brand name company for an elementary school’s athletic department, as well as raising money for local charities and small start-up businesses. All of these projects were done quickly and with few problems or opposition against the goal(s) of the project(s).  Moreover, Mr. Pate been organizing public art events, murals, and some private/corporate art projects with artists for over 16 years.

A brief introduction for Lead Artist & Director Jamar D. Pierre

He is a product of his environment who has used art and education to better the lives around him and his community. Mr. Pierre, born in 1973, has used art as a way to survive in the rough streets of downtown New Orleans and a way out of poverty, crime, and complacency.

He is known as one of the top Visual Artist and art educators in the United States. He has received several awards and accolades for outstanding art educator from JPAS and The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans. J. Pierre head shot

Jamar was also awarded artist of the year by Gambit’s 40 under 40 and the National Conference of artist. He is a working professional artist, who still finds time to give back to the children of the world while also painting every day in his studio and creating numerous custom designs and paintings for corporate clients as well as private.

Pierre has several lessons and multiple curriculum he’s covered from over 20 years of hands on training in using art to teach academics, Common Core State Standards, art as therapy for adults, seniors, and grades k – 12, and Choice based arts. Choice based arts help students with no interest in art still engage in critical thinking and conflict resolution.

Moreover, Pierre has had the opportunity to be the lead artist on hundreds of murals in schools and communities around the world with some very talented students. Please visit artbyjpierre.com for more information about Mr. Pierre’s work.

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