Community Education Murals and Painting Flood Wall(s)

New Orleans International Muralists (NOIM) have been in contact with 10 New Orleans’ resident artists, middle and high school art teachers, and a few visual art undergraduate students from surrounding universities all of which have expressed a deep and passionate interest in doing community inspired and educational public murals.  Our main focus is to complete a 1-2 mile mural along the flood wall of Tchoupitoulas St.

Additionally, NOIM is creating a small 9.5” x 7” or 8” x 10” 12-20 page workbook and an activity book that is aligned with the history component of the Common Core Standards. We’re looking to extend this mural education project by painting murals at community and public spaces, at schools, under overpasses, at recreational facilities, for private businesses, residential homes, overflow canals and other floodwalls. These murals are to convey an educational message; however, we are open to other community generated ideas.

Cultural preservation through mural arts and education.